Genre: Mobile Roguelike-like

An action adventure game with roguelike elements for mobile devices. Play as the Knight, Wizard or Rogue in bite-sized riveting adventures while you stand in line for something less exciting. Created by Studio Mu as our final Senior Game Project for UC Santa Cruz.

MicroVentures on iOS
MicroVentures on Android
Listen to the Soundtrack by Eric Karl Lawson.

Created: June 2012 - Development time: 6 months - Music by Eric Lawton

Genre: Multiplayer Spaghetti Western

A local multiplayer spaghetti western shooter created in HaxeFlixel. 2-4 players requires, works with Xbox controllers both in the downloaded and web version.

Created: March 2016 - Development time: 2 Months - Music by Ennio Morricone, stolen by me

Genre: Taxi-based physics

This was a game for Ludum Dare 30 made with Chloi Rad. It's a 2D taxi game in space using HaxeFlixel and Nape Physics. You get to give lots of space aliens a ride and listen to the wonderful space radio stations.

Created: January 2014 - Development time: 48 hours - Radio Stations by Peter Hunter

Genre: Interrogation Simulator

This game was made for Global Game Jam 2013 by me and Chloi Rad. The Polygraph is a noir-themed detective story has the player trying to maintain calm through a polygraph test by hitting space at just the right moment in a rhythm game. [Voted Best Use of Theme and #3 Overall at UCSC Jam Site]

Also Covered in PC Gamer

Created: January 2013 - Development time: 48 hours - Music by Peter Hunter

Genre: Story-based Puzzle

Bomb Disposer, made for Ludum Dare 27, is a game where you have 10 seconds to diffuse each bomb you come across. Reading through the story snippets gives clues on the right order to cut the bomb's wires. Made in FlashPunk.

Created: August 2013 - Development time: 48 hours - Music by Muslimgauze
Genre: Experimental

sigillum is an atmospheric, experimental game made for Ludum Dare 26. I focused on minimal exposition and sound design. Created using FlashPunk.

Seen on Indie Statik

Created: April 2013 - Development time: 48 hours - Music by Sigillum S and Super Minerals
Genre: Stealth Action with Shapes

This was the first game I ever made with friend Adam Magelby. Shapespionage! is a 2D, top-down stealth game. Players take on the role of Cross, a soldier aiming to take down the Double Helix corporation and end the oppression of his people. Filled with drama and suspense, it is a love letter to one of our favorite games, Metal Gear Solid. Made in Game Maker, all art done in MS Paint.

Created: March 2009 - Development time: 1 month - Music by Various

Genre: Physics-based Serious Game

Red Sea is a dark game where story and gameplay are intertwined. This game was a project based off the 2010 Microsoft Imagine Cup's theme of Disease. Made using XNA with Farseer Physics.

Created: March 2010 - Development time: 2 months - Music by James Farmer